These documents can provide more in-depth information about your XPO benefit plans.

Review the Enrollment Guides

Check out the 2023 New Hire Enrollment Guide for more information about your benefit options.

Check out the 2023 Open Enrollment Guide for more information about your benefit options.

Legal Notices

Required Benefit Notices Mailing

In September 2022, XPO mailed the following required legal notices regarding your benefits to your home address:

Medical Plan Coverage Resources

Summary of Benefit Coverage (SBC) documents are available to help compare the medical plans available to you. SBCs illustrate key provisions of coverage under the medical plans and provide examples for you to reference. SBCs can be found on myXPO in the Library under Content. You may also request a free paper copy by calling the XPO Benefit Center.

Health Insurance Marketplace Notice

A Marketplace Notice is available to comply with the rules under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The notice provides information on health insurance marketplace coverage options and XPO benefits. A notice for benefits-eligible employees and non-benefits-eligible employees can be found on myXPO.

Other Legal Notices

Visit myXPO to access and read important legal notices regarding your benefits, including:

  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
  • Summary of Material Modifications (SMM)

Other Important Information

This website describes changes to the XPO Benefits Plan for purposes of Open Enrollment and serves as a Summary of Material Modification (SMM) to the XPO Benefits Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD). You should review the changes carefully to fully understand them. A formal copy of the SMM can be found on myXPO, which you should keep with your important papers for future reference, as it modifies the SPD. To fully understand your benefits, you must read the SPD along with any applicable SMMs.

Whenever you use myXPO to initiate a transaction, whether online or with an XPO Benefit Center representative, you are authorizing the plan administrator to process each election as if you had given your written, signed authorization to do so. XPO, the Plan and their service providers are not responsible for any delay in processing transactions due to system unavailability, incomplete information, administrative delay or other reasons. You are responsible for ensuring that your elections are correctly reflected on confirmation statements and the myXPO website. If you do not contact the XPO Benefit Center immediately to correct any errors, you may not do so at a later date and you will be entitled only to the benefits shown. In its discretion, the plan administrator retains the right to correct any errors, subject to the terms of the Plan.

The information contained on this site is general in nature, is not individual tax advice and may not be used to avoid any tax or tax penalty. Tax laws are complex and subject to change, and their application may vary based on the circumstances. XPO, its benefit plans and their service providers do not provide tax or legal advice. It is your responsibility to consult with your own tax and legal advisors.

Any inconsistency between the terms of any letter or verbal representation and the official Plan Document will be governed by the Plan Document. Although XPO expects to continue its benefit plans indefinitely, XPO and its affiliates necessarily reserve the right to amend, modify or discontinue its plans at any time.