The Basic Life and AD&PL benefit varies depending on your employment status, e.g., hourly or salaried. For more information, visit myXPO.

If you are currently enrolled in coverage, you can increase your coverage — up to the guaranteed issue — without Evidence of Insurability. Any increase above the guaranteed issue amount may require Evidence of Insurability.

The imputed income amount is based on the amount of coverage over $50,000 for the basic life insurance benefit. So, if your benefit amount is $75,000, the imputed income calculation would be based on $25,000 ($75,000 – $50,000). The rate used for imputed income is calculated from age-based IRS tables. Imputed income will be reported on your W-2.

Yes. XPO allows employees to reduce coverage to avoid imputed income. Call the XPO Benefit Center if you want to avoid imputed income.

Our life insurance carrier provides discounted rates to non-tobacco users because they are a lower risk than people who use tobacco products.