As a woman, and as a member of the XPO family, you’re entitled to special consideration if you’re expecting a baby. Our Pregnancy Care Policy is designed to adjust your work life to your pregnancy with a range of accommodations. Instead of wondering how you’ll balance pregnancy and work, you can feel secure in your job.

You know your needs best as an expectant mother. You may need more frequent breaks, or a change in work schedule, or time off for medical appointments. These requests will be approved immediately. If you request a substantial change to your duties, we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

We’re proud that XPO’s Pregnancy Care Policy is among the most progressive in the industry. It reflects our belief that pregnancy should be accommodated naturally in the course of business. The benefits we provide meet — and often exceed — requirements set by federal, state and local laws. XPO will never reduce your base pay rate as a result of your pregnancy, under any circumstances.

We provide two types of accommodations: Automatic Accommodations and Alternate Work Arrangements.

Automatic Accommodations are an immediate “yes.” These benefits give you extra flexibility while you continue with your regular duties. Simply explain what you need to your HR manager, choosing from the list below, and your accommodations will be arranged; then provide your HR manager with a doctor’s confirmation of your pregnancy within two weeks of your request:

Job-Related Flexibility

  • Changes to the times you start and finish work.
  • Changes to the timing or frequency of your breaks.
  • Changes to the timing of certain tasks you do.
  • Help with occasional lifting beyond what’s typical for your job; if your job requires frequent lifting, or lifting weight beyond what your doctor recommends, please see the Alternate Work Arrangements option below.

Prenatal Paid Leave

  • Up to 10 days (80 hours) of 100% paid leave to be used for health and wellness time during your pregnancy and preparation for the birth of your child; examples include time off for medical appointments, morning sickness, household preparation and finding a pediatrician.
  • Up to 10 days (80 hours) of 100% paid leave following a loss of pregnancy to help you recover physically and emotionally.

If you and your doctor determine that you won’t be able to perform your regular work during some or all of your pregnancy, we’ll do our best to accommodate your doctor’s restrictions or find other work you can do on a temporary basis. This type of accommodation is called an Alternate Work Arrangement.

Your HR manager will listen to your concerns, review the information provided by your doctor and work with you to determine the best way forward.

Please note that an Alternate Work Arrangement is not automatic. It requires your written request, after which you and your HR manager will collaborate on the solution.

Examples of Alternate Work Arrangements

  • A scaled-back version of your regular work
  • Changes to the days of the week you work
  • A different type of work entirely
  • Work performed at a different XPO location that meets your medical needs and is within commuting distance of your home
  • Work performed at home, if it reasonably can be arranged and you can safely attend any necessary meetings at your location
  • Any other accommodation that meets your needs and doesn’t cause an undue hardship on the company

After your need for accommodation ends, you’ll return to your regular job or a similar position.

XPO guarantees that you’ll continue to be paid your regular base wage rate while your accommodations are in effect, and you’ll continue to be eligible for wage increases during that time.