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Prescription drug coverage is included with each medical plan option through CVS Caremark. Prescriptions are covered based on whether they are generic, brand-name formulary or brand-name non-formulary. Visit CVS Caremark and review the CVS Caremark Formulary to see if your prescription drugs are listed.

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With the Basic HSA and HSA Plus plans, you must first meet the medical plan deductible before the plan shares the cost with you for most medications. However, you do not need to meet the deductible for preventive medications (as defined by CVS Caremark) before the plan shares the cost with you. Review the 2022 preventive drug list from CVS Caremark to see if your prescription drugs are listed.

Prescription coverage is the same for the Basic PPO and Classic PPO: You don’t have to meet a deductible before you and the plan share costs. Your pharmacy expenses count toward the out-of-pocket maximum (OOPM) as does your share of medical expenses. Once you meet the OOPM, your medical and prescription drug expenses will be 100% covered.

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Maintenance medications can be filled via mail order or at a retail pharmacy. Maintenance medications are those taken on a regular basis for chronic, long-term conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Visit the CVS Caremark website to learn how to enroll in the mail-order program. For most prescriptions, CVS Caremark will contact your doctor on your behalf to request a 90-day supply of your medication.

We want getting your medicine to be easy for you! Visit the CVS Caremark website to learn about all of their services.

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