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Both you and XPO share the cost of medical coverage. XPO’s health care costs have risen sharply, but XPO absorbed most of the increase for 2023, and made only small increases in paycheck deductions for medical and dental coverage. There was also a slight increase in the cost of vision coverage because we added free, preventive retinal scans (covered at 100% with no deductible). Visit myXPO for detailed cost information.

Just a reminder that we all share a responsibility to be smart health care consumers. Please review the Health Care Consumer Tips for ways to save money.

If you’re enrolled in an XPO medical plan, you’ll have access to free programs that will save you time and money in 2023:

  • Free virtual physicals — We’ve partnered with Pulse Virtual to make it easy for you and your covered dependents (age 18 and older) to get an annual physical at home, with access to a home test kit for blood pressure and blood tests. You’ll receive a 45-minute virtual physician consultation with four free follow-up checks throughout the year.
  • Free virtual physical therapy — Access unlimited video sessions and a physical therapist via video calls for treating back, knee, shoulder and other injuries on your own schedule.
  • No-cost specialty medications — CVS will help you take advantage of manufacturer discounts available through PrudentRx to eliminate your copay on certain specialty medications. CVS will reach out to you personally to help you take advantage of these savings.
  • Free vision scans — We added retinal scans as important preventive care, which means they will be provided free of cost to you and your covered dependents.

You have two new resources to enhance your well-being. You don’t need to be enrolled in an XPO medical plan to use these benefits.

  • Talkspace was added to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Talkspace matches you to the right therapist for your personality and condition. Get up to six free sessions per issue per year. Access the EAP through myXPO or visit Anthem.com.
  • meQuilibrium is a personalized, private and self-paced resiliency training program to help you understand your approach to work and home life and reduce stress through simple exercises.

HSA Contribution Minimum

If you like the convenience of contributing to your Health Savings Account (HSA) through payroll deductions, you’ll need to contribute a minimum of $500 for the year.

You Can Save More on Taxes

HSA contribution limits are set by the IRS each year. The amount you may contribute is triple-tax protected and depends on which HSA option you elect, whether XPO contributes, the coverage level you choose and your age. If you begin participation during the year, the amount XPO contributes is prorated based on your date of hire or Qualifying Event.

Under Age 55 Age 55 or Older
HSA Plus Employee Only Employee + 1 or More Employee Only Employee + 1 or More
2023 IRS Limit $3,850 $7,750 $4,850 $8,750
XPO Contribution (prorated) $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000
Your Contribution $3,350 $6,750 $4,350 $7,750
Basic HSA Employee Only Employee + 1 or More Employee Only Employee + 1 or More
2023 IRS Limit $3,850 $7,750 $4,850 $8,750
XPO Contribution $0 $0 $0 $0
Your Contribution $3,850 $7,750 $4,850 $8,750

The IRS raised the annual amounts you can contribute pre-tax to the following tax-advantaged benefits in 2023:

  • 401(k) —
    • Up $2,000 from $20,500 to $22,500 if you are under age 50
    • Up $3,000 from $27,000 to $30,000 if you are age 50 or older
  • Health Care FSA — up $200 from $2,850 to $3,050
  • Commuter Spending Account — up $20 from $280 to $300

XPO believes in the value of Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance. We teamed up with our LTD insurance carrier to give you an easy and tax-effective way to increase your income protection coverage. All newly hired employees are automatically enrolled in Supplemental LTD Coverage (with the option to opt out), which provides 60% income replacement (up to plan limits) and extends the coverage period to age 65.

If you are a new employee, you can opt out of this employee-paid coverage during your enrollment period. Please consider how important this valuable coverage is to you and your family before deciding.

If you or your covered spouse uses tobacco, you will pay an extra $100 per month for medical coverage. If you are or your covered spouse is a former tobacco user and completed an approved tobacco cessation program in the past, you can avoid the $100 per month surcharge by verifying your status when you enroll.

Learn more here.

If your spouse enrolls in medical coverage through his or her employer related to a Qualifying Event, you can have the Spousal Surcharge removed, but it’s a good idea to call the Benefit Service Center within 45 days so the surcharge removal will be retroactive to the Qualifying Event date. Otherwise, the surcharge will be removed as of the date you call.

Whether you’re adding a dependent for the first time or responding to a random dependent verification audit, you have 60 days to provide documentation. If you do not provide documentation within 60 days, your dependent(s) will be removed from coverage. It’s also your responsibility to remove dependents from coverage once they become ineligible.

Health Care Consumer Tips

Being a smart health care consumer means you take the time to consider all your health care options and make the best decision for your particular situation. Keep these tips in mind!

  • The Basic HSA or HSA Plus plan may be the best plan for you. With an HSA plan, you’ll pay less in payroll deductions. If you elect HSA Plus, you’ll also receive a contribution from XPO to help pay for eligible health care expenses. Learn more about HSAs.
  • You’ll save with an HSA or FSA. You’ll save valuable tax dollars and lower your taxable income when you open an HSA or Health Care FSA. The money you contribute or withdraw in these accounts is tax-free when you use it for eligible health care expenses.
  • Only use the emergency room for true emergencies. Trips to the ER can be expensive and cost you a lot out of your own pocket, so be sure you only visit an ER when absolutely necessary. Use urgent care facilities, schedule a visit with your doctor or use telemedicine when you have minor injuries or illnesses. Take advantage of LiveHealth Online for a nominal fee or 24/7 NurseLine for free. Nurses are on call to answer any health questions you might have and to provide guidance on emergency care, urgent care and more.
  • Consider generic prescriptions instead of brand-name prescriptions. Generic prescriptions are usually considerably less expensive and are approved by the FDA. Ask your physician or pharmacist if your prescription has a generic alternative and save money.



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