HSA Plus

HSA Plus is a high deductible plan — and it comes with a Health Savings Account (HSA). XPO puts up to $1,000 into this account, depending on your coverage level. You can use that money to pay for eligible health care expenses before you dip into your own pocket, or you can save it for later. In 2023, you can put up to $3,350 as an individual or $6,750 as a family of your own tax-free money into your HSA. (You can even use that money for eligible health care expenses when you retire.)

After you meet the deductible, which is higher than the other plans, HSA Plus kicks in to share the cost (and pays the same portion as the Classic PPO and Basic PPO). Once you meet your out-of-pocket maximum, the plan pays 100% of eligible expenses for the remainder of the year.

While the deductible is higher than the Classic PPO, the free money XPO puts in your HSA can make this deductible more manageable.

For 2023, XPO gives you money in the HSA Plus plan twice a year in January and July. You’ll get a total of $500 for Individual coverage and $1,000 for Employee + One or More coverage.