Tobacco Cessation Program

Anthem’s Tobacco Free program can help you and your covered family members stop using tobacco products. If you are enrolled in an XPO medical plan, Tobacco Free is provided at no cost to you.

Anthem’s Tobacco Free program:

  • Is designed with five visits
  • Addresses all forms of tobacco use, including smoking, chewing and vaping
  • Provides video visits with health coaches for behavior modification coaching and support
  • Offers Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which can be ordered by a health coach and sent directly to your home
  • Can arrange an optional physician office visit (at your expense based on your XPO medical coverage) should a prescription be needed as part of treatment
  • Provides access to health coaches by appointment seven days a week in all 50 states

To begin, contact Anthem. You’ll complete a personal assessment your coach will use to customize the program to fit your schedule and preferences. You can also get one-on-one support to help overcome emotional, physical or social barriers that might stand in the way of achieving lasting success.

Avoid the Tobacco Surcharge

If you and/or your covered spouse complete Anthem’s Tobacco Free program, Anthem will notify the XPO Benefit Center and your tobacco surcharge will be removed for the remainder of the plan year. If you complete a tobacco cessation program using an alternate vendor (preapproved by the XPO Benefit Center), you will need to submit a certificate of completion to the XPO Benefit Center to have the tobacco surcharge removed. Once the surcharge has been removed, your tobacco-free status will roll over automatically from year to year.