Academic and Professional Partnership Program


Whether you are beginning or finishing a degree, taking a college course or earning an industry-recognized certification, the relationships we have established through our Academic and Professional Partnerships (APP) program can help you achieve your educational goals in a cost-efficient manner. The APP program is available to eligible XPO employees, and in many cases, your family members.

XPO also offers financial assistance through the Tuition Reimbursement program to benefits-eligible U.S. employees.


In general, you are eligible for the APP program if you are an XPO employee who is not represented by a union.

If you are represented by a union, the XPO Academic and Professional Partnership program, which allows you and, in some cases, your family members to enroll in classes offered by certain academic partners with a reduced tuition charge, is subject to collective bargaining with your union. To the extent such a program is negotiated with a union, the terms and conditions agreed upon and included in any collective bargaining agreement will govern, and they supersede any different or conflicting terms contained on this website.

Subject to the foregoing obligations, the company reserves the right to revise or delete this program or any benefits described here. If there is any discrepancy between the information included in this website and any program documents or academic partnership contracts, the official document or contracts will govern program terms. This program does not create a contract of employment, expressed or implied. Notwithstanding any provision on this website, employment is at-will employment, unless a written agreement states otherwise.