Pregnancy Care Policy


As a woman, and as a member of the XPO family, you’re entitled to special consideration if you’re expecting a baby. Our Pregnancy Care Policy is designed to adjust your work life to your pregnancy with a range of accommodations. Instead of wondering how you’ll balance pregnancy and work, you can feel secure in your job.

You know your needs best as an expectant mother. You may need more frequent breaks, or a change in work schedule, or time off for medical appointments. These requests will be approved immediately. If you request a substantial change to your duties, we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

We’re proud that XPO’s Pregnancy Care Policy is among the most progressive in the industry. It reflects our belief that pregnancy should be accommodated naturally in the course of business. The benefits we provide meet — and often exceed — requirements set by federal, state and local laws. XPO will never reduce your base pay rate as a result of your pregnancy, under any circumstances.

We provide two types of accommodations: Automatic Accommodations and Alternate Work Arrangements.