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 Enrolling | 19
   5  Choose Your Benefits
If you are enrolling online, select your shopping style:
• FAST LANE if you already know what you want. (Not available on your first visit.)
• SHOP ON MY OWN to learn about and compare choices. • GETRECOMMENDATIONSbasedonyouranswersto
several questions.
6  Review Your Beneficiary Information
Open Enrollment is a good time to review your beneficiary designations and update them if necessary. If you elect Life Insurance, you must name a beneficiary.
7  Provide Verification
If you add a dependent or elect any Life Insurance benefits that require Evidence of Insurability or other
documentation, you’ll see a verification page that shows you what’s required.
8 Review and Confirm Your Elections
If you enroll in Basic HSA or HSA Plus, make sure you consent to moving and/or opening an account with Fidelity.
After reviewing your elections, confirm them by clicking CHECKOUT. Next, you’ll be asked to take an optional survey. Finally, you will be able to print a confirmation statement showing all of your Open Enrollment benefit elections.
If you don’t complete the process by clicking CHECKOUT before the end of the enrollment period, your elections will not be saved. See What Happens If I Don’t Enroll? on page 18.
Just because you select Save Election for a benefit, it doesn’t mean all of your choices have been saved for 2020. Your choices won’t be saved until you click CHECKOUT at the end of the process.
    Where Can I Find Coverage Costs?
Visit the myXPO Portal and click on the Your Benefits link. You’ll find cost information there. Keep in mind that you will pay more if the tobacco or spousal surcharge applies to you.
Tobacco Surcharge
If you are a tobacco user, you are required to pay a tobacco surcharge of $100 per month in addition to the medical plan cost. If you complete the FREE tobacco cessation program through Anthem each year, you can have this surcharge removed for the remainder of the year.
Spousal Surcharge
If your spouse has coverage available through his or her employer and you still choose to cover your spouse under your XPO medical plan, you will be required to pay a $35 weekly spousal surcharge.

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