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20 | Legal
XPO is required by the government to provide the following legal notices. You should have received a home mailing containing legal notices for XPO benefits as noted below. Please also see your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for more detailed information.
Summaries of Benefits and Coverage
The Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) summarize important information about your health coverage options in a standard format to help you make an informed decision. Your SBCs for the XPO medical options are available at You can request paper copies by calling the XPO Benefit Center at 855.376.7276.
Notification of Notices Delivered by Mail
The following important legal notices were mailed to your home address:
• Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act summarizes the benefits available under your medical plan if you have had or are going to have a mastectomy.
• Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act describes the legal rules applicable to the length of a hospital stay following childbirth.
• Wellness Program Disclosure explains what information will be collected if you participate in XPO’s Tobacco Cessation Program.
• Special Enrollment Rights explains your rights to enroll later if you are declining medical coverage due to having other coverage.
• HIPAA Privacy Rules explain how your health care plans protect your personal medical information.
• Notice of Creditable Coverage explains the prescription drug alternatives when a participant becomes eligible for Medicare.
• MedicaidandCHIPNoticeexplainshowemployeeswhoneedhelppayingtheirhealth insurance premiums may get that help through state Medicaid or CHIP programs.
Summary of Material Modifications
This brochure is a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that updates the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the XPO Benefits Program. Keep it with your SPD for the most current information about your benefits.

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